How hard can it be for a thief to steal your car? Did you know there are ways to make it harder for a thief to steal your treasured possession. Just installing anti theft car devices will not totally guarantee prevention, but will detract most criminals. So, let's look at what we can do to help this problem.

Precautions to take before installing anti theft car devices

Firstly, there are a few simple rules to undertake before contemplating installing anti theft car devices. The simplest cures are:

• Never leave goods visible in your car, put them in the boot, under the seat or take them with you.
• Always park your car under good lighting.
• Always park your car where there are plenty of people.
• Always leave your transmission in gear.
• If you don’t have a garage, park your car facing the street.
• Never leave your car unlocked.
• Never leave your windows open, not even a little bit.
• Never leave your keys in the ignition.
• Never leave a spare set of keys in your car.
• Never leave your car for a second with the engine turning.
• If you're parking on the street, turn your wheels outwards or preferably inwards.
• If you own a garage, use it and lock it up.
• Avoid leaving your car out on the street at night.
• Use secure, CCTV and well-lit multi story car parks.
• Never leave any valuable documents in your car such as vehicle ownership papers, names, addresses, license, letters or any other important bits. (you certainly don't want these getting into the wrong hands).

Statistics prove that most cars are stolen around the age of four; however, no car is exempt. Are you an owner of a fairly new car and are determined to avoid becoming a victim of car theft? You will be relieved to know there are plenty of anti theft car devices on the market today.

Anti theft car devices are not a hundred percent foolproof, but they do give you peace of mind. Prices for anti theft car devices can vary from zero to thousands depending how secure you want your car.

Anti theft tips

• One of the easiest and cheapest forms is to use security stickers that warn thieves the car has security.
• Steering wheel locks are simple and effective to help prevent the car from being taken.
• A lockable steel casing to cover the steering wheel and ignition.
• Should your motor be stolen a vehicle tracker will easily be able to track your car, some devices offer real time traceability.
• Car alarms are the most popular and send high-pitch signals to the public.
• Have your car identification number etched onto various parts of the car body. This makes it very difficult for a thief to dismantle and sell parts off your car.
• Mechanical immobilizers are highly visible and are a great deterrent for the unprofessional thief.
• Electronic immobilizers are built into the car and send signals to the ignition to prevent cars from starting, car thieves hate these systems.
• A bonnet lock will prevent thieves gaining access to your engine.
• A good choice would be locks, they are bulky and take time to remove.
• Kill switches are easy to install, but need to be undetectable. They send signals to various parts of the car to prevent your car from moving. Once it’s activated, it is very hard to be deactivated without going through various tasks. Thieves hate this type of anti theft car device. Amazingly, some car warranties can be made void if this type of security is installed so it's worth double-checking first before buying.

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